Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Millions of people connected online with face book but are you? Sharing too much? Are seven things you shouldn’t do on the site regardless of how keen you are on socializing?

1 Never settle for the default setting
The people in face book are keen for you to share your detail with the world? the more people you connect to, the more people want to sign up. However sharing everything with all and sundry isn’t a good idea. To check and opt out of the recommended setting, open your face book page, click on account in the right of the screen and then privacy setting
The recommended setting means that your status, photo, posts, quotation family and relationship detail are shared with everyone. Photo and video are tagged in religious and political view and birthday are shared with friend of friend
Permission to comment on your post place your check in to and contract information is shared with friend only. Change all to friend only and your safe from the prying word

2 Never agree to have yourself listed on search engine
Telling your face book mate what going on in your life is one thing but letting any old tom, dick or Harriet see you face book page via a web search is another. We would recommend opting to never have your face book detail share with other search engine
To make sure you aren’t go to your face book page account privacy setting app and website then public search de-tick the enable public button.

3 Never put your address and phone number on face book
Unless you want app development knowing where you live and how to contact you we wouldn’t recommend putting any real detail in to face book for the time being. That means on home address and no phone number.

4 Never let apps lie dormant
Never for the advanced face book user. Never let an app continuous to suck your information once you are done with it remember the day when you played zombies or may be vampires? Well those apps are most likely still active on your account and sucking in your personal detail scary?
Nip over to your face book page go to account privacy setting and then app game and website and remove one you don’t want

5 Never let your mum see your tagged photos
You’ve had one too many drinks and been tagged for all your friend colleagues and family to see you not took too hot, Not good to avoid this go to your face book page account privacy setting and make sure photo and video you’re tagged in is set to friend only.
Taking this to the next level you can block individual people on top of those groups of people .Go to customize setting. Here from the dropdown menu chose customize again and then start listing the people you want to hide your photos from

6 Never give out date of birth
What ones of the first security question you are never asked when deal with your bank? What your date of birth? And yet here you are giving it away on your face book page for all to see you should never let people see the year you were bone
Go to your face book page profile then edit profile in the first pane (basic information) close as to whether you want to show my full date of birth in my profile, show only date and month in my profile or don’t show my birthday in my profile. If you still want birthday wishes go for the second option.

7 Never broadcast that you going on holiday
Always be carefully about what you say on you status updates and never give out any personal information that don’t want getting into the wrong hand
Burglar prey on staff like the fact that you are gone on holiday and left the keys made the flower pot never the front door and the combination to the safe is

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