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BANK OF AFRICA –UGANDA Ltd is part of GROUPE BANK OF AFRICA (BOA) comprising thirteen commercial banks, three leasing companies, two life insurance companies, two investment companies, stock company and an ICT subsidiary. It spans 13 African countries and employs over 3000 people. BOA believes in transparency, expertise, proximity and responsibility. BOA Uganda is seeking applications from qualified persons who are accomplished to take up the following positions


The overall role of the Banking Officer-Collections: Reporting to the Credit Controller, the Banking Officer - Collections' role is to take full control and management at Micro and Macro levels. This will be in liaison with responsible Officers, of all accounts which are in arrears or excess positions for one day and above and for the Special Assets held in the Bank's portfolio at any one time. (Special Assets being defined as Credit Facilities that are in the Non Performing Classes of 3 AS. 5 and Written off as per the Central Banks Guidelines on Asset Quality) or any other Bank Assets placed in that category by any of the banks’ competent committees

Key Responsibilities

1. Review the excess and arrears reports from all positions in the shortest time possible.

2. Monitor and report on any unauthorized excesses on accounts.

3. Advise the Credit Controller of the recommended action for each of the persistent or troublesome positions on daily basis.

4. Make a report of any persistent accounts in arrears with recommended actions to the Credit Committee on weekly basis.

5. Implement all recommendations of the Credit Committee with regard to accounts in arrears / excess positions.

6. Keep custody of all files placed under Special class 3, 4, 5 and Written off accounts and update Credit Committee on any significant developments (internally or externally) with regard to improving

8. Recommend monthly, to Credit Committee accounts for adjustment of classes either downwards or upwards including those for write off with justification. ,

9. Monitor movements in the Special Asset accounts- (credits or debits) and recommend appropriate adjustments in provisions.

10.Ensure that all interest charged on Special Assets is reviewed every month and suspended. (The Non Accrual Principle), and recommend any reversals into Accrual Basis.

11 .Maintain dialogue on a continuous basis with all third parties i.e. Lawyers, Auctioneers, Debt Collectors and update the Credit Committee on weekly basis on any significant developments. Parties. Assist third parties in compiling required documentation to facilitate legal action and represent the bank in the same together with Legal Manager,

13.Receive and post all recoveries collected from Special Assets and adjust account positions accordingly.

14.Assist the In charge Securities in preparation of all required security documentation and in all other functions as performed by the i/c Securities.

Job requirement

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

* Bachelor's degree in any relevant field and other qualifications in Banking and Credit will be ofadded advantage.

* 3 years' experience in Banking or Credit related field.

* Excellent communication, presentation and report writing skills.

* High level of attention to detail, through analytical skills, rational decisions making and good negotiation capacity.


The overall role of the Relationship Manager, Retail: Reporting to the Channel Distribution Manager, the Relationship Manager, Retail's role is to grow the bank's retail sales, assets and liabilities through portfolio management of all retail business particularly unsecured pending clients.

Key Responsibilities

1. Sell the department's and the bank's products.

2. Identify and disseminate information to and from the market/customers and alert management on trends, risks and opportunities to maximize and

3. Promote and maintain the highest standards of customer service in order to maximize the returns from targeted customers.

4. Monitor and enhance the business portfolio risk profile within agreed parameters at all times and stable base,

5. Constantly explore the enhancement1 of the bank's brand name so that the bank holds out to the target markets as one of the best in the direct sales field in terms of service, innovation and customer awareness/responsiveness

6. Appraise opportunities for synergy and keep well documented re ports/vis I is/con tracts with all the bank's relationships, management and other units.

7. To procure, nature and sustain new direct sales relationships that have a potential to grow and provide superior returns.

8. Prepare and cross check sales documents proposals, agreements and appraisals for credit

9. Build a strong sales driven work force through training,

10.Liaise with the Head of Human Resources in recruiting sales representatives.

Job requirement

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

* A bachelor's degree in a Business related field.

* 2 years' working experience with a financial institution with exposure to sales experience and

* Excellent communication, presentation and report

* High level of attention to detail, through analytical skills, rational decision making and good negotiation capacity.


The Overall role of the Senior Legal Officer: Reporting to the Company Secretary, the Senior Legal Officer will advise management on all legal issues that need to be addressed in the course of its business.

Key Responsibilities

1 . Review credit facility documentation prior to registration that include among others; securities,etc from a legal perspective to ensure that Bank is adequately covered against legal risk.

2. Drafting, preparing reviewing and registration of legal documents i.e. agreements, notices, letters, leases etc and against the Bank and ensure compliance with the SLAs.

4. Attend and represent the Bank in Courts of law and present written briefs on Court proceedings attended.

5. Review Customer Account opening mandate files.

6. Manage records within the department by ensuring proper record keeping and filing

7. Attend meetings, workshops and provide legal training to staff. institutions such as the government registries, URA . DPP, Police, Courts etc

9. Keep abreast statutory legal issues that affect the Bank and ensure compliance .

10.ln liaison with the Company Secretary "communicate and respond to threatened litigation for and against the Bank.

11 .Effective management of external legal services offered to the Bank by the Bank external lawyers

12.Ensure those Court orders served on the Bank are attended to in a timely manner. Such orders may include a subpoena, summons, notice to produce, attend court or to produce documents to the court.

13.Brief the Credit Committee on any credit collections handled by external lawyers.

legal or quasi legal decisions that may affect the rights of responsibilities of the Bank or third party.

14.Any other duties incidental to Legal Advisory and Regulatory Compliance.

Job requirement

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

*Knowledge of Commercial law, litigation practice, banking law ,labour law and employment legislation

* Conversant with standard computer applications.

* Bachelor of Laws, LLB (Hons) Degree, Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, an ADVOCATE possessing a Practicing Certificate.

* 3 years and above as an advocate or 3 years organization.

How to apply

Applicants should send job applications, up-to date _ curriculum vitae and copies of academic certificate through courier or hand delivery to the address below by 14th February 2011.Your application should include three references, none of whom should be your relative and all of whom should have supervised, taught you or known you through your work.

The Head Human Resources

Bank of Africa-Uganda Ltd

Plot 45 Jinja Road

P.O Box 2750 Kampala