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Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation Employment Opportunities



The Benjamin William Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation (BMAF) is a Trust established in 2006 with the aim to complement and supplement the national efforts to address the challenges of HIV/AIDS through health systems strengthening, with special focus on Human Resource for Health (HRH). In realizing BMAF’s mission and the set programme goals, the Foundation is strengthening its technical capacity, through seeking self motivated, committed staff and those who seek for excellence to fill in the following positions located at Head Office in Dar Es Salaam and field offices in Mtwara, Iringa and Mwanza:-

Position Title: Internal Auditor ( 1 post)

Department: Office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Duty Station: BMAF Head Office, Dar Es Salaam

Overall Purpose of the Job:

Monitor and provide support to all departments on matters related to compliance and regulatory aspects and advising the CEO on all matters related to financial controls and optimization of resources. Given the oversight role, the Internal Auditor will have indirect and direct reporting relationship to the CEO and Board of Directors, respectively.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Annual Audit Plan

· Preparing annual audit plan for the Foundation including audit programs and time tables.

· Identifying potential risk areas for the various sections of the organization

· Present Audit plan to Senior Management Team and Board Audit Committee

Accounting systems and related internal controls review

· Reviewing the extent to which the accounting procedures adopted for safeguard of assets, maintaining records and accounting are adhered to

· Checking on the operating systems of all functional area to ensure compliance with approved policies and procedures


· Recommending improvement in the accounting procedures and internal control in order to minimize risk of errors, losses and fraud

Economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations review

· Conducting operations audit to appraise the effectiveness and efficiency with which recourses are employed

Special investigations

· Conducting special, surprise operations audit when requested

Reviewing of corporate policies and procedures

· Review operations or programs to ascertain whether they are consistent with established policies

· Reviewing operations and programs against plans

· Verifying and ascertaining that donor fund meant for different activities are used in line with the approved frame work.

Development of new audit tests to address change in operations, activities, policies and procedures.

Financial operating plans and management information for examination

· Testing the accuracy of accounting transactions and balances

· Review the accuracy of payroll and statutory deductions

· Ensuring that donors funds have been applied to the relevant project and program area

· Checking project expenditure whether is within the approved budget

Compliance with statutory requirements review

· Ascertaining that statutory deduction are submitted timely

· Checking of leases agreement and other title documents including the service contract of employees and service providers

· Advising management on specific donors taxation and government requirements

Reports preparation and follow up of external and internal audit recommendations

· Preparing audit reports for each engagement

· Following up on the implementation of external audit reports and internal audit reports

Position requirements:

· First Degree in Accounting and Finance or Advance Diploma and Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

· 5 years working experience and above


· Competency in auditing and management accounting as well as having skills on program design planning, monitoring and implementation.

· Skills in investigative auditing and strong analytical skills

· Sound knowledge of Finance and accounting for non-profit organizations.

· Understanding on Global Fund, USAID and other donors funding regulations is an added advantage

· Excellent Knowledge of International Financial Reporting. Standards (IFRS) management, leadership development and team builder

· Self motivated, enthusiastic, ability to work under pressure, assertive and forward thinker.

· Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels with good command in spoken and written english.

Position Title: Public Relations & Communication Officer ( 1 post)

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Department: Office of the CEO

Duty Station: BMAF Head Office, Dar Es Salaam

Overall Purpose of the Job: To oversee and support the Foundation’s communication and public relations strategies with key stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Communication Strategy

· Take a lead role in the development of the Foundation’s communication (internal and external) strategy,

· Identify key media channels for strategic communications and preparing media engagement proposal and incorporate it in the external communication strategy

· Prepare and coordinate communications material between BMAF staff country wide and media ( where and as applicable)

· Prepare and coordinate the Annual Plan and budgeting for BMAF communication tools


· Develop BMAF brand consistent to its mandate and partners’ requirements

· Orient staff and key partners on the importance of brand consistency in every activity sponsored by BMAF or funding partners


· Communicate brand peculiarities to communication and Public Relations (PR) agencies contracted by BMAF and implement brand in all communication materials of BMAF

Internal and External Communication

· Plan and manage internal and external communication events

· Engage key partners in events as per communications strategy and ensure constant positive image in media

· Prepare press releases as directed by the CEO/Senior Management Team

Documentation and Communication information

· Develop a resource centre for internal and external stakeholders use; and manage the centre to ensure it is effective and efficient for facilitating learning and information sharing.

· Document corporate memory and organize periodic releases and manage the production of quality and timely annual program reports and related documentation for internal as well as external communication.

· Prepare and coordinate the development of quality materials and ensure BMAF website is timely and routinely updated

Position requirements:

· First Degree, preferably in Journalism and Mass Communication

· 5 years working experience

· Good knowledge of NGO functions and management

· Excellent report writing, public relation, communication and analytical skills along with computer literacy

· Good analytical skills and judgment and ability to work under pressure.

· Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels with good command in English and Swahili

· Self motivated, energetic, ability to remain calm and confident.

Position Title:

Head of Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

Reports to:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Department: Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Duty Station: BMAF Head Office, Dar Es Salaam

Overall Purpose of the Job:

Overall responsible for monitoring BMAF strategic direction and overall performance of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) unit , as well as holding the organization accountable against its commitments to its own plans, stakeholders and multiple donors. He/she will work under the direct supervision of the CEO and in close collaboration with the Directorates of Programme, HR & Administration and Finance and Grants, as well as Resource Mobilization Unit.

Roles and Responsibilities:

M & E Strategy & System Development

· Establish and take lead in coordinating the Institutional structure and systems for M & E within the Head office and Field Offices;

· Formulate and/or review the M&E systems and strategy for the Foundations’ Institutional and program activities

· In collaboration with the Director of Programme, develop the overall frame work for program M&E in accordance to the program plan

· Lead and provide guidance on designing and undertaking of baseline of the Foundation and its related programme/projects

· Coordinate the preparation of all Foundations reports periodically including project reports ,in accordance with approved reporting formats and ensure their timely submission

· Establish a user friendly M&E database to be used by Central and Field offices of BMAF

· Ensure easy public access to M & E reports and data

Plan & Budget for M & E

· Coordinate the preparation of detailed M&E plan and budget including calendar of activities

· Take part in the development of the BMAF Annual Work Plan by ensuring alignment to the BMAF Strategic Plan and programme/project strategy and agreement

· Take lead in preparation and coordination of the BMAF annual plan for field visit

Management of M&E Function

· Foster participatory planning and monitoring by training and involving primary stakeholder groups in the M&E activities,

· Lead and provide guidance on undertaking of the periodic evaluations of BMAF and its related programmes/projects and follow up evaluation recommendations.

· Facilitate the undertaking of Foundation’s performance evaluation in line to its Strategic Plan and related programmes/projects in


accordance to BMAF and Donors guidance,

· Collaborate with Directorate of Programme in the development of TORs, facilitate implementation and monitoring of specific project activities including studies;

· Provide technical and methodological guidance and support to the M&E staff to develop M&E system based on the project log frame and M&E plan

· Lead in provision of guidance on M&E components during the development of new BMAF project proposals

Staff & Key Partners Capacity Building

· Clarify M&E responsibilities among staff in line with the M&E component of the BMAF Strategic Plan as well as different projects M&E

· Hold directorates, staff and partners accountable to delivery of set goals as per the Foundation’s Annual Operational Plan

· Organize (and provide) refresher training in M&E for staff and other primary stakeholders

· Supervise the activities of the M & E staff including monitoring their performance and efficiency

Position Requirements

· Have a Masters degree in statistics, demography, public health and social sciences or other relevant discipline for the post.

· Proven successful experience of at least 5-7 years working in a senior leadership position within the government, donor funded projects and/or private sectors.

· Experienced in Project Planning/management and Appraisal and M&E systems, methods and approaches;

· Familiarity with and a supportive attitude towards processes of strengthening organizations and building capacities for self-management,

· Dynamic, results oriented, and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously;

· Well-honed strategic thinking and problem-solving skills with the ability to be creative, flexible and adaptable and revise strategies as necessary,

· Articulate in both written and verbal communication and strong interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills,

· Experience using quantitative and qualitative data analysis software.

· Willingness to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders, especially primary stakeholders

Position Title:

Procurement and Administration Manager ( 1 post)

Reports to:

Director of Human Resources and Administration (DHRA)


HR & Administration


Duty Station: BMAF Head Office, Dar Es Salaam

Overall Purpose of the Job:

To provide business support services through procurement of goods & services, management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for various suppliers, oversee legal and statutory compliance and logistics to support overall program delivery.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Plan and Budget

· Take a leadership role in coordinating other departments to plan their procurement needs and compile and develop annual procurement plan for BMAF .


Goods & Services

· Purchase capital and non capital items for BMAF in line with the standard BMAF and Donor set policies, guidelines and procedures

· Provide technical support and professional advice in tendering for supply of Capital and non-capital goods

· Coordinate procurement and delivery of goods and services to support institutional and programmatic activities

· Ensure timely requisition of goods and services within Departments

· Coordinate identification of office premises and lead in the development of leases within the confinement of budget

Service Provision contracts

· Prepare service contract for approval by appropriate authority.

· Monitor performance of all contracted suppliers in liaison with relevant staff in BMAF to ensure the services delivered meet required standards

· Recommends on review, renewal or termination of service contracts.

Physical Resources Management & Fixed Asset register

· Provide technical support and professional advice in managing assets and updating of assets register for the Foundation

· Supervises usage, maintenance and repair of office furniture and office items.

· Supervise management of the BMAF fleet in Head Offices and Field Coordinating Units (FCUs)

· Supervise application for appropriate insurance for all fixed assets and cash of transit


· Periodic reports on Procurement, Utilization of physical resources, utilities and infrastructure

Subordinates Effectiveness


· Manage and Supervise performance of direct report staff, develop and empower them to become more effective

Position Requirements:

· First degree in Materials Management , Procurement and Logistics plus professional accreditation

· Relevant working experience of 3-5 years

· Good knowledge on procurement and administrative operations of donor funded projects and NGOs.

· Excellent Public relation, Communication and analytical skills

· Ability to remain calm, confident, assertive with highest levels of personal and professional integrity

Position Title: Information Communication and Technology Officer ( 1 post)

Reports to: Director of Human Resource and Administration (DHRA)

Department: HR & Administration

Duty Station: BMAF Head Office, Dar Es Salaam

Overall Purpose of the Job:

To coordinate and provide technical support to users and administer the ICT (ICT) infrastructure and all systems (Financial, HR, Payroll, M&E, etc) including their upgrade as well as managing Service Level Agreement (SLA) of contracted IT experts.

Roles and Responsibilities

Plan and budget to ICT infrastructure

· Support in finalization of the development of ICT policy and procedures.

· Design and maintain a communication infrastructure in HO and all Field Coordinating Units (FCUs)

· Proactively keeping in touch with the ICT market in order to assess and recommend benefits that may accrue from new technologies.

· Ensure Inventory and records of all BMAF ICT Hardware and Software are in place.

ICT Systems support and management

· Maintain BMAF networks and computers

· Provide advice on purchases of ICT hardware and software

· Set up and maintain administrative systems, e.g. e-mail, internet, website


· Maintain security safeguards to constantly protect the integrity of BMAF information

· Ensure safeguard of ICT infrastructure, anti viruses software is updated, firewalls installed and maintained accordingly

· Ensure continuous connectivity and administration of internet service is available all the time

· Conceptualize, design and implement office automation solutions including telephone systems, financial systems, document production and other typical office technology.

ICT Vendors SLA Management

· Developing Terms of Reference (TORs) for ICT contracting services/consultants, evaluating vendors proposals and support drafting of SLA to ensure they are in the best interest of the Foundation

· Provide support and monitor contracted parties during implementation of the contracts

· Perform quarterly performance review meetings with vendors and service providers

User support

· Support departmental systems (all soft wares licensed to BMAF) and provide Help desk user support to meet user queries and needs

· Provide assistance in the implementation of management information systems/procedures

· Provide training to staff in the use of office and administrative systems

Position Requirement:

· A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field in ICT, Business Information Systems, Computer Science or equivalent;

· 3-5 years relevant working experience in the above ICT management fields

· Professional certification of various operating systems will be an added advantage

· Strong experience and understanding in Program management, Database Administration, IT Security Policies and Standards; Development and Disaster Recovery Planning is essential.

· Working knowledge of ICT systems, LAN/ WAN, Databases and Operating Systems

· Strong problem solving skills with a customer-oriented approach; good organizational and analytical skills

· Ability to multitask, communicate effectively and proactive

Position Title:

Program Officer –Advocacy ( 1 Post)

Reports to:

Director of Programmes



Duty Station:

BMAF Head Office, Dar Es Salaam


Overall Purpose of the Job: To facilitate advocacy for Human Resource for Health (HRH) and knowledge sharing activities through working with internal and external stakeholders in line with BMAF annual operational plan

Roles and Responsibilities:

Operational Plan Input

· In liaison with all Programme Managers (PMs) identify issues in all programs that will call for concerted advocacy to further the interest of the Foundation

· Develop an advocacy strategy for the Foundation programme work and identify targets groups or potential partners who can influence changes

· Prepare plan for advocacy work in line with the Foundation’s operational plan and guidelines

· Share the plan and gain buy-in of internal and external stakeholders

· Work in collaboration with PR and Communication Officer to produce communication tools for programme advocacy campaigns and image profile

· Manage and coordinate effective utilization of the Media and other communication tools for advocacy related work

Professional Associations Coordination

· Engage the professional associations and agree on framework of advocating HRH related issues

· Prepare calendar of events that will coordinate projects’ advocacy activities of various HRH professional associations

· Coordinate the preparation and hosting of the advocacy events – including creating strategic linkages with opinion leaders and decision makers

Knowledge Sharing

· Work with M&E unit and Public Relations to develop information package that can be used for program advocacy initiative

· Lead knowledge sharing activities focusing on sharing HRH related experiences at district councils, Central Ministerial level and all key stakeholders

· Conduct regular advocacy presentations to key stakeholders and key partners as well as actively participate in Job fairs to drive advocacy initiative

Monitoring & Evaluation and Report

· Document outcome of advocacy initiative and share it with M&E unit

· Provide input in impact assessment exercise to document the impact of advocacy amongst key decision makers in HRH and other issues


Position Requirements:

· First Degree in Health Promotion /International relations and Public Administration with prominent experience in HRH

· 3-5 years working experience in the field of advocacy

· Experience in understanding M&E reports and extracting lessons to be shared

· Experience in advocacy and other projects of raising awareness on health related matter is an advantage

· Ability to work efficiently as a team player.

· Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels in Swahili and English

· Self motivated, enthusiastic and highest levels of personal and professional integrity.

Position Title:

Field Program Coordinator (3 posts)

Reports to:

Program Manager



Duty Station:

Field Coordination Unit (FCU)- Iringa, Mtwara, Mwanza

Overall Purpose of the Job:

To provide effective support in program implementation, monitoring, evaluation for the achievement of the program objectives in line with BMAF annual operational plan

Roles and Responsibilities: FCU Leadership

· Prepare FCU work plan based on the Program Department annual operational plan and budget (administrative and programs support) · Lead FCU staff thorough communicating Head Office (HO) decisions and orienting them on guidelines, policies and procedures

· Ensure adherence to set policies and procedures including internal controls

· Assume financial accountability for funds allocated to FCU

Program implementation

· Liaise with Program Managers at HO and other relevant staff in scheduling various field activities

· Allocate tasks to FCU staff as per the planned activities

· Coordinate stakeholders to ensure that planned events are implemented to meet the objectives of the Foundation

· Coordinate implementation of various projects/assignments carried out by BMAF staff, key partners, consultants, and contractors

Networking & Building Relationships


· Represent BMAF to external partners and stakeholders in the districts under jurisdiction

· Participate in stakeholders/partners meeting at council, Regional and/or Zonal levels

Monitoring & Evaluation

· Monitor all projects sponsored by BMAF in the districts under jurisdiction

· Coordinate monitoring and evaluation done by Field Program Assistant

· Provide support to M&E and Internal and external audit exercise at the field


· Preparation of monthly FCU progress report as defined by BMAF

· Review and submit to HO the FCU Financial report and M&E reports

Subordinates Effectiveness

· FCU staff supervision and delegation of work (orientation & coaching) as well as managing performance of FCU staff

Position Requirements:

· First Degree in Human Resource Management/Health Administration

· Relevant working experience of 3-5 years

· Self motivations, energetic, strategic thinker and ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision

· Strong analytical skills (number interpretation capabilities) and good organizational and supervisory skills

§ Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels

· Highest levels of personal and professional integrity. Self motivated, energetic, ability to remain calm and confident.

Position Title:

Administrative & Accounts Officer ( 3 posts)

Reports to:

Field Program Coordinator



Duty Station:

Field Coordination Unit- Iringa, Mtwara, Mwanza

Overall Purpose of the Job:

To assist the field office in processing payments to be made to the training participants, assist in the disbursement of grants, recording and reporting all financial transactions initiated at the field office . The staff will administratively report to Field Program Coordinator and technically


report to Accountant at BMAF Head Office.

Roles and Responsibilities: Cash management

· .Processing petty cash payments and replenishments and recording Cash book entries on the ACCPAC SAGE Accounting system

· Preparing and recording Financial Input s data into ACCPAC SAGE Accounting system

· Coding all the FCU Vouchers & Journals prior to posting into the ACCPAC SAGE Accounting system.

· Prepare periodic accounts reports and submit same on timely basis to Finance and Grant department at Head Office

Administrative & Financial Controls

· To ensure all payment vouchers are appropriately checked and approved .

· Controlling expenditures to ensure it is within the approved budget limits of FCU

Administrative & Logistics support

· Manage contracted services at FCU i.e. security, cleaning.

· Manage office to set health and safety standards, office upkeep and utilities usage including maintenance and repair of office furniture/items

· Documenting minutes for FCU meetings.

· Respond to queries from visitors, staff and supplies on issues related to administration.

· Provide support on key logistics support for staff and consultants working in the field such as payment of trainees, allocation of transport, organization of travels, hotel bookings and pick ups

· Oversee venue identification for workshops and major function and transport coordination for participants to venue.

Subordinate Effectiveness

· Supervise the Logistics Assistant cum Driver (LAD) , monitor performance and conduct periodic appraisals

Position Requirements:

· First Degree/Advanced Level diploma in Accountancy or Business Administration

· 1-2 years of working experience

· Good knowledge of managing not for profit organizations and understanding of donor funded projects especially USAID and Global Funds projects, is an added advantage.

· Excellent Public relation, Communication and analytical skills along with computer literacy and simple troubleshooting

· Aability to work under pressure.

· Good command of English, Swahili and ability to write reports

· Self motivated, enthusiastic, attention to detail and thoroughness



BMAF is an equal opportunities employer and these positions are open to all, but ONLY qualified candidates should submit:

· A Curriculum Vitae (CV) with lists of referees and their contacts;

· A cover letter explaining how the experience detailed in the CV, will contribute to the requirements of the position

· Copies of all relevant certificates

Applications to be submitted to: The Human Resource and Administrative Manager, BMAF, P. O. Box 76274, Mkapa Pension Towers, 3rd Floor, Wing B, Azikiwe Street, DAR ES SALAAM or through the BMAF email:

Same advertisement is posted on our website:

Closing date: 24th March 2011 at 3.30pm