Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Executive Director of Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF)

Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) is a Program being financed by the World Bank and the Government of Tanzania and has been in operation since 2000. TASAF covers all Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in Tanzania Mainland as well as Unguja and Pemba in Zanzibar.

The main objective of TASAF II is to improve access of beneficiary to enhance socio I economic services and income generating activities. The project provides a mechanism that allows local and village governments to respond to community demands for interventions that will contribute to the attainment of MKUKUTA objectives.

Therefore the Permanent Secretary- President Office, State House is seeking to recruit a qualified Tanzanian to fill the vacant position of the Executive Director of Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF).


The basic functions of the Executive Director will include providing overall strategic leadership in the continuous development, management and co-ordination of the Project in line with Government Policy, TASAF protocols, the Development Financing Agreement (DFA) with the World Ban and in liaison with development partners. As part of his/her day-to-day management functions, he/she shall ensure that the Fund's activities are in line with the requirements of the Operational Manual and development policies of the Government. The Executive Director reports to the National Steering Committee (NSC)


The specific principal duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director will include the following:

a) Oversee the development of TASAF policies, systems and procedures, procurement and management of human, financial and material resources, supervise progress on Project delivery, and communicate the progress of TASAF to government, donors and other stakeholders.

b) Prepare a consolidated work plan and budget based on proposals received from district offices and submit regular progress and financial reports to the TASAF National Steering Committee, the World Bank and other donors.

c) Manage, control, and co-ordinate all administration, implementation and I evaluation activities and affairs of TASAF in accordance with the Operational Manual and development policies of the Government of Tanzania, in an effective and efficient manner.

d) Administer the staff of TASAF Management Unit.

e) Provide leadership, supervise, coach and motivate the TASAF Management team to maintain a shared culture of collaboration, teamwork and management by objectives. to ensure the achievement of agreed goals of IA.:::>Ar- ana rne smoorn operation orrne Management Unit.

f) Periodically report on the TASAF Program and activities as required by and as stipulated in the Operational Manual by ensuring that quarterly and annual reports, including a financial report, are prepared and presented in an accurate and timely manner.

g) Chair TASAF Management Team meetings to ensure effective Project design and delivery, policy implementation, staff and resource management; and delegate authority to the employees of the TMU to the extent necessary for the efficient performance of the Fund's activities.

h) Conduct staff and Project performance appraisals using agreed upon per formance indicators and goals, and carry ultimate responsibility for the human resource, public relations and IEC functions of TASAF.

i) Represent and promote TASAF (as a Government of Tanzania initiative that contributes significantly to the poverty eradication programme) throughout the country and act as the principal liaison and public relations officer with the government, IDA, other donors and all other stakeholders.

j) Serve as a member and Secretary to the TASAF National Steering Committee.


a) Must be a graduate of a recognized University with a relevant post-graduate qualification.

b) Should have at least 10 years of managerial experience, at least 5 of which must have been at the senior level.

c) Must have at least 5 years experience working in a related field or 3-5 years of experience in a Social Sector/Community Based Organization or Environment.

d) Must be persuasive with a high degree of diplomacy and the ability to organise and lead a team of professionals.

e) Should be able to demonstrate self-motivation and the ability to work effectively and efficiently under pressure.

f) Should be a team builder with an established track record of human and resource managerial skills.


a) Annual plans and budgets for the Project are prepared as scheduled.

b) The Project is carried out in accordance with the approved budget, Operational Manual, and development policies of the Government of Tanzania.

c) Relevant reports are produced timely and submitted to respective authorities.

d) Annual staff performance appraisals are carried out as scheduled.

e) Project funds are used as per financial regulations and approved procurement plans.

Duty Station: - TASAF Head Office - Dar es Salaam

Mode of Applications:

If you meet the minimum qualification stated above and you are interested, please submit your application consisting of:- A detailed curriculum vitae, certified copies of relevant training and professional certificates and full contact details of three referees who are in a position and willing to vouch for your professional background.

Closing date: 3 February 2011 at 16.00 hours local time

All applications should be addressed to the-

The Permanent Secretary, President's Office - State House, P.O. Box 9120, Dar Es Salaam.

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